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.warrior and .veteran are unique and exclusive Top-Level Domains, just like .com, but these are for everyone who has ever worn a dog tag, or for all those who loved someone who did.

Register a .com and all you get is a .com. Register a .warrior or a .veteran and receive:

  • a Profile Page for stories and pictures, perhaps of the Afghan child a soldier has just 'adopted.'
  • Worldwide connections to the warrior and veteran community
  • a .warrior or a .veteran email address. [Let's face it, at a very basic level, it's cool to have your email address read john@johnm101st.warrior, or matt@mattmarine10.veteran. It immediately establishes your identity with recipients, and lets them know you are part of an elite and exclusive community.]
    • A job placement service
    • A historical photo and video archive
    • Family tributes to loved ones
    • MREs: "canned" with family activities and coupons from our strategic corporate partners.
    • An opportunity to "adopt" the sons or daughters or units of warriors at war, or to assist their families in times of deployment.
    • Reunions and event calendars.

Imagine this - Pfc. John Smith registers a .warrior account that he learned about through the The American Veterans Center, or The Fisher House Foundation. He activates his free JohnSmith.warrior Profile Page with the help of Capt. Dye's streaming tutorial and his .warrior email account. Then he watches Toby Keith sing The Red, White, and Blue, which links him to .warrior's Song & Sight warrior music, books, and film catalog.

Two months later, John is uploading family messages at a foreign outpost and, from the moment he shipped out, his family begins receiving their first set of Sponsored Promotions from our strategic corporate partners.

Three days later, a .warrior or .veteran celebrity sends him an encouraging and thankful email through .warrior's PowerPerformer link.

At the same time, a retired Staff Sergeant from Wisconsin registers a set of .warrior accounts for three kids from Kansas whose mom is pulling a tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. For $10 a year, each child will have their own Profile Page, one to which Mom can post pictures and emails for the kids can access; or the kids can post drawings and school work for Mom to review and enjoy.

Imagine 1,000 elementary schools picking up the theme and copying the Staff Sergeant's actions. They tap into and support .warrior Kids Around The Globe.

Each week, the Warrior Kids receive a .Warrior MRE, a meal ready to eat, but not of the almost-edible variety; instead full of virtual goodies, including -

  • An encouraging word tailored to the child.
  • An encouraging idea on how to help Dad, brother or sister while Mom is away.
  • A new coloring book page with a God and Country theme.
  • And a weekly redeemable coupon from one of our strategic corporate partners.
  • This is the .warrior and .veteran communities -- past and present Guardians Of Freedom -- supporting each other, honoring the valor of those currently serving, remembering the sacrifices and legacy of those who came before.

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